Chapter VI. State Bodies and Religious Associations

Article 28. Control over the Law on Freedom of religious belief

The control over the execution of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on freedom of religious belief shall be implemented in accordance with the existing legislation.

Article 29. Relevant Body of Executive Power

Relevant Body of Executive Power:

– renders necessary assistance to religious organizations to reach agreements with state bodies and for issues requiring decision by state bodies;

– assists in strengthening of mutual understanding, tolerance and respect environment among religious associations of various religious beliefs;

– renders assistance to local executive authorities in the implementation of legislation on freedom of religion;

– maintains connections with relevant bodies of foreign states;

– establishes information bank in the Republic of Azerbaijan for execution of the legislation on religious associations and religious belief;

– receives information and financial reports provided by law from religious centers (departments) and religious communities;

– in accordance with this Law, promotes participation in business relations with international religious movements, forums, international religious centers and foreign religious organizations;

– provides theological expertise, involves representatives and specialists of religious organizations in this work;

– gives an opinion on the construction and reconstruction of places of worship and shrines, taking into account the proposal of the relevant religious center (department);

– analyzes and approves the programs of religious educational institutions, gives an opinion on determining the quality of religious education in cooperation with the relevant executive authority,

– conducts checks in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On the regulation of inspections in the field of entrepreneurship and the protection of the interests of entrepreneurs” in specialized outlets for the sale of religious literature (on paper and electronic media), audio and video materials, goods and other materials of religious information marked with a control mark.

Article 30. Responsibility for violation of the law on freedom of religious belief

Persons violating the requirements of this Law shall be liable in cases provided for by the Civil Code of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Code of the Azerbaijan Republic on Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 31. International agreements

International agreement shall prevail if regulations on religious belief of the agreement differ from the internal legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.