Places of Worship and Other Religious Buildings Constructed or Restored by the Azerbaijan Republic

The policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan pursued in the sphere of religion is constructed on the principles of freedom of thought, speech, and conscience, taking into account various forms of existence of religion in society. At the same time, the policy of the Azerbaijani state in the field of religion is based on the principles and rules of international law, international treaties that the Republic of Azerbaijan joined, the Constitution of the country, and other normative-legal acts.

In the light of these developments protecting natural and spiritual values and restoring historical and religious monuments has been a policy priority in Azerbaijan. In this regard, over the “Azerbaijan – Address of Tolerance” project, Heydar Aliyev Foundation does not only implements numerous projects in our country and contributes to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan but also of the world’s cultural heritage, intercultural and civilization dialogue and actively involved the restoration of various religious monuments. Azerbaijan’s contribution to tolerance and respect for the diversity of world cultures shows that Azerbaijan has strong, ancient roots of tolerance. In this respect, within the “Azerbaijan – Address of Tolerance” project Heydar Aliyev Foundation carried out a historical mission with its contribution to the restoration of various prestigious archaeological and religious monuments in different parts of the world.

Currently, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation has begun to work on a project to restore religious monuments and mosques in the liberated territories. With the participation of local and foreign experts, restoration, conservation, and reconstruction of our shrines are carried out in the Karabakh region. These religious monuments and mosques are the national wealth of the population of Azerbaijan.