Extensive reconstruction of the Taza Pir Mosque Complex

The Taza Pir Mosque was reopened on July 6, 2009, after extensive reconstruction and expansion work. The ceremony was attended by President Ilham Aliyev, First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva, and their daughter Leyla.

On President Ilham Aliyev’s order, the restoration and reconstruction project was prepared in 2005. The works were led by A. Mammadov, F. Miralayev, and E. Mikayilzade, and executed by “Inam-ASH”. Renovation included revealing the mosque’s base, replacing broken stones, renewing doors and windows, and installing modern ventilation and underfloor heating systems.

The interior, covering 1,400 square meters, showcases unique Azerbaijani painting and Orientalist art, with renewed dome window structures and modern lighting systems. The mihrab was assembled from ceramic and marble, and the dome’s windows were updated with latticed wooden structures. The women’s prayer area was separated by a lattice, and a new staircase was installed. The floor was covered with a 720-person capacity “Namazgah” carpet. The main hall now contains 52 wall chandeliers, with 5 more in the women’s prayer area.

The mosque floor was lowered by 30 centimeters, and a subfloor heating system was installed. Its grounds include a 50-car parking lot, a modern electrical building, small ceremony halls, a sacrificial site, and separate ablution areas. A 480-cubic-meter underground water tank, a high-power generator, and an additional electrical regulator were installed. The area was paved with granite-marble plates from Ukraine and India, covering 4,500 square meters. The facades were adorned with lattice and architectural details carved from Gyzylgaya stone.

The mosque’s decorative elements, the tops of the minarets, and the inscriptions are covered with high-quality gold plates. The dome is covered with Gyzylgaya stone, with Quranic verses inscribed.

A five-story administrative building for the Caucasus Muslims’ Board was constructed, including a library, conference rooms, and other facilities. The 4,100-square-meter building contains service offices, a small conference room, and a 6,000-book library. The library features wooden decor, 32 chandeliers, and a mini-studio for religious broadcasts.

New decorative portal gates were installed at the entrances from Mustafa Subhi and Mirza Fatali Streets. A three-fountain pool was built in front of the mosque. To prevent landslides, a reinforced concrete structure was installed, and the soil layer was removed up to 1 meter from road level. Lev Tolstoy Street was reconstructed, including earthwork, restoration of neighboring facades, and sidewalk paving. An additional metal gate was installed for large vehicle entry.

The new academic building of Baku Islamic University was also constructed during the works. Each floor of the building has 10 classrooms, accommodating 250 students, with facilities including a cafeteria and library. A modern heating system and a “Chiller” ventilation system were installed, serving the entire mosque complex.