“Imam Huseyn” Mosque of Zangilan

One of the historical and religious monuments that were plundered and destroyed as the result of Armenian vandalism is the “Imam Huseyn” Mosque. It is located in the Zangilan district of Azerbaijan and is attributed to the seventeenth-eighteenth century. It is estimated that the “Imam Huseyn” Mosque was constructed during the Safavid Empire. The dimensions of the Mosque were 12×20 meters. There were a sanctuary and a niche inside the “Imam Huseyn” Mosque. During the construction of the Mosque architect mainly used the local limestone. The walls of the Mosque are not covered. The vaulted door of the Mosque was opened to the east and bore an inscription.

The “Imam Huseyn” Mosque of Zangilan city also shared the same fate as all other historical and religious monuments of the occupied regions. The Mosque was demolished and raised to the ground after the occupation of Zangilan by the Armenian Armed Forces in 1993. While turning religious monuments into an object for insult Armenians also intentionally converted the Mosque into Pigsty.