Mosque in the Gochahmadli village (Gochahmadli Mosque) of Fuzuli

One of the ancient mosques of Azerbaijan is the Gochahmadli Mosque located in the Gochahmadli village of Fuzuli district of Azerbaijan. It is located on the upper end of the Gochahmadli village, on a foothill plain in front of the mansion that belonged to Shukur bey. It is considered one of the last religious monuments of the architectural buildings of Karbalayi Safikhan Garabaghi. According to the inscription over the entrance door, the construction date of the Gochahmadli Mosque is 1905-1906. Although the are small differences in size, the Gochahmadli Mosque reminds the Haji Alakbar Mosque in outer and interior architectural style as well as in its design. There are four octagonal stone columns in the prayer hall of the Gochahmadli Mosque. “The bow-shaped arches and domes, as well as pilasters on the load-bearing wall surface placed on the same axis are almost identical structural elements with those in Haji Akbar Mosque”.[1]

The Gochahmadli Mosque consists of two floors. “A glass gallery for women facing alter, on the second floor of the interior and a separate entry going upstairs on the mosque’s side shows the architect to remain faithful to his own creativity”.[2]

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