Restoration of the Chol Gala Mosque

The Chol Gala Mosque, one of the 17 mosques operating in Shusha in the 19th century, is located on Gasim bey Zakir Street in the Chol Gala neighborhood, part of the city’s upper districts. This historic monument was constructed by Karbalayi Safikhan Garabaghi in the 19th century. Unlike many other mosques in Shusha, it was built without a minaret, featuring a rectangular layout with an asymmetrically arranged main façade.

The interior of the Chol Gala Mosque is in full compliance with Islamic architecture. The mosque’s interior is adorned with four octagonal stone columns, dividing the main prayer hall into three sections. Facing the mihrab, an open prayer hall for women is situated within the main prayer hall.

During the Armenian occupation of Shusha, the mosque was heavily damaged and plundered.

Near the Chol Gala Mosque is the 19th-century Chol Gala Spring. The walls of the spring are rectangular, designed in the style of nearby mosques. During the occupation, the spring was also destroyed, and its stone inscriptions were obliterated.

The restoration project, conducted by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation with support from PASHA Holding, began in 2023. On May 10, 2024, President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva visited the Chol Gala Mosque to review the ongoing restoration work.

The restoration work on both the mosque and the spring aims to preserve their historical significance and architectural integrity.