Restoration of the Juma Mosque in Salyan

The Juma Mosque, a historical monument built in 1865, underwent significant changes during the Soviet era, including the removal of six of its 21 domes and its repurposing as a warehouse. Later, the mosque housed the district’s art gallery. Since 1992, it functioned again as a mosque. The Juma Mosque has been protected as a locally significant historical monument by a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers since 2001.

In 2003, flooding from the Kura River caused groundwater to damage the mosque, leading to the collapse of nine more domes, rendering it unusable. Restoration work by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism began in February 2010 and was completed in June 2011. The restored mosque now features 18 domes, 12 columns, and one minaret, with facilities for worship. A drainage system was installed around the monument to protect it from groundwater.

During his visit to Salyan District in March 2012, President Ilham Aliyev reviewed the Juma Mosque after major reconstruction work.