Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque

One of the historical and religious monuments of the city of Shusha is the Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque or the Shusha Juma mosque. This is the most ancient mosque, built in the central square of the city. Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque is included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of national significance.

The Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque was constructed by Karbalayi Safikhan Sultanhuseyn oglu Garabaghi by the instruction of Govhar agha, daughter of Ibrahimkhalil khan, in 1883-1884. A mosque had been built with cane and thatch in the place of today’s mosque during the power of Panahali khan. The mosque constructed by Panahali khan was replaced with stone by Ibrahimkhalil khan in 1768.

Later, in its place the mosque called Yukhari Govhar Agha was constructed that existed up until today.

As a result of the occupation of the city of Shusha in May 1992, the mosque was almost destroyed by Armenian vandals, the entire interior was practically destroyed, the decor of the minarets was damaged, and awnings were removed. Under the guise of repair work, Armenian vandals tried to falsify our history by making serious changes to the interior of the mosque.

On November 8 2020 Shusha was liberated from the Armenian occupation by our heroic army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. Soon after the victory large-scale works on reconstruction and improvement have been launched in the cultural capital of Azerbaijan. During the first visit to Shusha, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva also visited the Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque. The head of state presented the Holy Quran brought from Mecca to the mosque.

Currently, restoration works are underway in a number of historical and cultural monuments of the city which were subjected to acts of Armenian vandalism, including the Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque. It should be noted that the restoration of the already rebuilt the Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque was carried out by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.