Mosque in Garakhanbayli village (Garakhanbayli Mosque) of Fuzuli

The Garakhanbayli Mosque was built in the nineteenth century in Garakhanbayli village of Fuzuli district of Azerbaijan. By the appearance of the Mosque remind the outward resemblance of the mosques that were built by Karbalayi Safikhan Garabaghi in Shuch city.

The corners of the wall, sides of the doors, and windows of the Garakhanbayli Mosque are bordered with flatly evened stones. For its shape, it has similarities with the village houses. The main entrance of the asymmetrical Mosque is completed with one stone on the top that has an arch shape. The stone is semicircular above. On the inside, it is divided into five small semicircles. The central semicircle has the moon and the stars embossed on it, the others have vegetal ornaments carved in keeping harmony. The inscription of the Mosque is below these semicircles. On the right side of the main door, there is a window. Like other mosques, there is a special part for women in the prayer hall of the Garakhanbayli Mosque, which is located opposite to altar, 1.2 m high from the floor level. Windows located at this level were constructed mainly to lighten the women’s part. “The flat-shaped roof of the mosque is supported by eight wooden columns. The columns standing in two rows in the hall divide it into three naves. Windows lined up on both sides light the praying hall”.[1]

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