Mosque in the Damirchilar village (Damirchilar Mosque) of Gubadli

As one of the beautiful monuments of nineteenth-century Islamic architecture, the Damirchilar Mosque was built in the Damirchilar village of Gubadli district of Azerbaijan by Ismayil Daghistani. The shape of the Mosque was of rectangular form divided by vaults and arches of which in the center of the mosque interior relied on two columns of the quadrate section, as well as pilasters of rectangular section located in the corners and walls. The material of the vaulted covering, as well as pilasters and columns with arches, was hard rock limestone. The main door of the mosque was set from the northern wall, designed with the portal, on which there were ornaments with stone engravings. In the prayer hall, on the southern wall, there was a pentahedral mihrab (altar) with arches. In the central facet plane, there was a rectangular frame with Arabic inscriptions. Such frames were on the mihrab and the cap of one of the columns as well. On friezes of three fronts, there was a frame of rectangular shape with different drawings and texts from the Holy Koran.[1]

Although, the Damirchilar Mosque was restored in 1988, after the occupation of the Gubadli district by the Armenian Armed Forces in 1993 Armenians plundered and rendered the Mosque useless.

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